Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada

Executive Committees
2023 – 2024


Grand Executive:  

All elected Officers (GM, DGM, GPCW,  Gr. Treasurer, & Gr. Recorder) 


Financial Review (Audit): 

 Gerald Waldern, Sandy Lyons



 Don Murray, Kyles Burns, David Boone, Ron Beirnes


Laws & Jurisprudence: 

Jeremy Gomersal, Wally Watts


Warrants & Dispensations 

Grand Master, Grand Recorder


Grievances & Appeals: 

Leif Hansen & David Boone


Condition of the Rite: 

Grand principal Conductor of the Work and Grand Recorder


Honours & Awards: 

Richard Laronde & Richard Porter



  Jerry Kopp, Dick Gutfriend

Manitoba Group


 Saskatchewan Group:  

Troy LaBlonc, Patrick Davis

Alberta Group:  

Wally Watts, Terry Gould, and Ivan Hall

B.C. Group: 



Fraternal Dead:  

Grand Chaplain – Bob Lemmens



 Robert Turner


Website Ad Hoc:  

Jim Whyte, Cliff Hartmier, Dean Elliot,  Matt Mozil, Terry Gould, Kyle Burns and Jack Drebit