Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada

2019 - 2020

 Grand Council Committees

1.     Grand Executive:                             All elected Officers (GM, DGM,
                                                           GPCW, Gr. Trea, & Gr. Rec)

2.     Financial Review (Audit):                 David Boone & Ron Beirnes

3.     Finance:                                           Don Murray & David Boone 

4.     Laws & Jurisprudence:                    Don Russell,  George Tapley,
                                                           Len Pickell,  Jack Fryatt

5.     Warrants & Dispensations:              Grand Recorder Jerry Kopp 

6.     Grievances & Appeals:                     Leif Hansen & David Boone 

7.     Condition of the Rite:                       Cliff Hartmier & Jerry Kopp 

8.     Honours & Awards:                         Len Pickell & David Grange 

9.     Ritual:                                              David Grange & Dick Gutfriend 

10. Fraternal Dead:                                  Grand Chaplain - vacant 

11. Historian:                                           Gr. Historian Robert Turner 

12. Fraternal Relations:                           Gr. Recorder Jerry Kopp 

13. GM Address:                                      Gr. Treasurer Don Russell 

14. Website                                              Webmaster Jim Whyte





Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

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Office of the Grand Recorder

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