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Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada

Royal and Select Masters

Grand Master Fraternal visit to Alberta Council #5

March 09, 2024 – Lethbridge, Alberta

This visit by the Grand Master was just a fraternal visit, it did however turn out to be great visit, with a total of eight Grand Officers present. The Grand Master brought the greetings of the Grand Council of Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada R. & SM. He reported on the success of the Grand Council’s successes, with main one being the Grand Website, thanks to the new Webmaster VI Comp Jack Drebit under the chairmanship of VI Comp Terry Gould. He indicated that the standard ritual has undergone a complete review by the selection of three groups each reviewing one degree. It is now a matter of assembling the results and providing in the next year or so, a new updated ritual. He pointed out that there is a greater need for education in Council Meeting, which is a trend that is slowly developing. Another initiative undertaken by the Grand Council is that we need to focus on our Lodges, without growth in the Lodge, we will have no growth in the Royal Arch Masons or the Cryptic Rite Masons. And, as a reminder the upcoming Grand Assembly, at the Red Deer Resort & Casino on May 8 & 9 2024, we would like to see you all there.

Grand Officers present at Alberta Council #5

Seated: VI Comp Wayne King – Grand Captain of the Guard, MI Comp Jerry W. Kopp – Grand Master, RI Comp Doug Turigan – Grand Inspector General Alberta, VI Comp Gerald Waldern – Grand Steward Alberta.

Back Row: RI Comp Kyle Burns – Grand Recorder, VI Comp Peter Devlin – Grand Registrar and RI Comp Leif Hansen – Grand Principal Conductor of the Work