Grand Master’s Official Visit


 Zohar Council No. 4

Installation of Officers

January 11 2024

Edmonton, Alberta

Temp: – 370C


The Principal Officers of the Council, along with their membership. There are several members missing primarily due to the extremely cold weather. The Grand Master travelled from Calgary to Edmonton and noted that the temperature along the way was anywhere between -330C to -370C. He reports that the highway was dry and could be termed as “Freeze-Dried road conditions”

Illustrious Comp Martin J. Phillips being introduced to the Council at the Thrice Illustrious Master Elect for Zohar Council No. 4 by RI Companion Ivan Hall

Very Illustrious Companion Bob Lemmens (Grand Chaplain) having been invested and being congratulated by RI Comp Ivan Hall as Zohar Council’s Deputy Master.

Illustrious Companion Michael Ryan awaiting to be installed as the Principal Conductor of the Work for Zohar Council No. 4

The wait is over, Illustrious Companion Michael Ryan has been official installed as the Principal Conductor of the Work of Zohar Council No. 4

The proudest moment for the Principals of Zohar Council No. 4. Ready to assume their respective roles. Centre TIM Martin Phillips, to his right Deputy Master VI Companion Bob Lemmens and to TIM’s left I Comp Michael Ryan. The Council is confident and look forward to initiating eight new candidates for the Cryptic Rite Masons.


The Principal Officers with the Grand Master “Let the Light Shine down upon Them”

The Grand Master is once again taking advantage of the photo op with the Zohar Council Principal Officers, should be known as a “photo-hog”

Illustrious Comp Graydon Bennett being invested as the Conductor of the Council

Illustrious Companion Rod Ponech has been appointed as the Chaplain and is invested by the Principal Conductor of the Work.